The Dream Factory: Keeping the movie magic alive

The road to movie magic was not easy for legendary star-builder Dr. Jose Perez, whose dreams of owning a movie company were nearly halted by legal entanglements and controversy. Threatened by lawsuits from former stockholders, Dr. Perez filed for his resignation as General Manager of Sampaguita Pictures, Inc. to pave the way for his own company – Vera-Perez Enterprises (VPE), which was created on the 17th of January 1962.

VPE’s initial release was Susanang Daldal, which starred the best local talent discoveries of Doc Perezwhile in Sampaguita Pictures – Susan Roces, Eddie Gutierrez, Dolphy and Panchito, Jean Lopez and Lito Legaspi, under the directorial debut of Romy Villaflor. With the help of the most esteemed individuals in the film industry, the movie shattered multiple records, catapulting Doc Perez’s VPE to success.

As VPE enjoyed its success in the local film industry, the controversy with the Sampaguita Pictures Inc. Board of Directors reached a decision – they rejected Doc Perez’s resignation and gave him approval to manage both companies, resulting in a co-production agreement between Sampaguita Pictures, Inc. and VPE. This ushered in the movies of some of the most prominent names of all time – Nora Aunor and Tirso Cruz III of Guy and Pip, and Vilma Santos and Edgar Mortiz in Young Love, among others, and took the motion picture industry to a whole new level, and Doc Perez’s office remained as bustling and busy as ever.

Today, the once-bustling office has been transformed into the Azucena Vera Perez Hall, an events place dedicated to Mama Nene – Doc Perez’s wife and the beloved matriarch of the Vera-Perez Family. Catering to festive events and glamorous get-togethers, Doc Perez and Mama Nene’s children continue to make dreams happen in the same spot by which their parents have kept their legacy in bringing dreams to life.