The Events Place

For weddings, debuts, kiddie party, or corporate and family events, this two-story structure can be dressed up to suit the theme of your event and can be arranged according to the number of your guests, as you celebrate each perfect moment. This is a two-story building with each floor that can accommodate 450 people. First Floor – 450 pax maximum • Second Floor 400 pax maximum. Configurations can be made depending on number of guests.

The Vera Perez Gardens

This is an outdoor venue with lush tropical garden and cascading waterfalls, which can be the perfect venue to hold your dream event and party like an outdoor garden wedding, debut, wedding anniversary, family reunion, barrio fiesta, corporate event and even cultural events like piano recitals. We also have gazebos and tents that we can set-up in the middle of the gardens to make each moment more perfect and special.

The Ancestral Home

The Vera-Perez Ancestral Home was built in the 1940's in classic art deco design. It was formerly the home of the Sampaguita Pictures, a local film production company and later transformed as a venue for personal intimate events.

There is a receiving area, dining area and two bedrooms, which perfectly accommodates pre-wedding pictorials and video shoots.